Oh the medium-high-really high-whatever class

As a student almost mechanical engineer guy about to graduate, i’ve been searching for some options where i can go for a 6 months internship. The thing is, why do i wanna go? I have a house here, i have lived here for about 22 years, friends, i know pretty much everything about the place, i know a lot of people, so in other words, I HATE IT.

I consider myself as someone who really doesnt give a shit about status or society or anything related to that, however, i have lived around many people who does, plus, the university where i study is pretty much a good one academically speaking but anyone in this city can say is the burrow for the kind of people who love all this high status shit importance.

So in the past months i discovered something really curious and annoying about some part of the society i have lived in which leads me to one of the reasons i wanna leave this place:

When you are talking or chatting to someone you just met, it appears that one of the very first and standard questions people do is “so what do you study?” or “where do you work?”. Many would think, well what’s wrong with asking that? There’s nothing wrong when you ask that just when you want to know more about the person you are talking to, there’s nothing wrong if you just want to talk about something. But what i’ve seen is, that people in this city and in this country ask that to stablish a judgement about the person they are talking to, and then they decide after receiving an answer if they want to continue talking, if the person they are talking to has the same intellectual-monetary-ridiculous-whatever level. People dont really care about knowing the person, they just care if the person is or at least appear to be like them. I could answer stuff to those questions like “yeah, mechanical engineer, about to apply to BMW and VW in Germany, oh yeah i talk 3 languages by the way, oh and my IQ is higher than the 90% of the population, yeah you know, 138, bla bla bla”. What for? Useless and reckless.


Yeah, yeah, there are exceptions, thats more than obvious, i know some of them, unfortunately, there are not many.

A couple of months ago i had the awesome luck of being in the magical city of New York. I met a lot of people over there, mexicans, americans, and some derivatives. So when i was there i noticed that the people didnt really care in a pretentious way what i do here?, what do i study?, where do my parents work?, how much do i pay for school?, what is my IQ? bla bla bla, all those typical questions. Instead they asked stuff like what do i like to do for fun? food questions, running questions(one of my favourite hobbies), some life experiences shared, what was my favourite drink? in other words, just questions and conversations that made me feel really comfortable. All this supporting the upper paragraph, there’s a HUGE world out there, a better one.

Another thing i find pretty annoying is that if you are part of this medium-high-fuckin high class, you must follow the rules. Oh yeah.

  • Rules of what to dress: “no uglies allowed”.
  • What to eat: “Careful with the street food, its dangerous for the stomach”.
  • How to talk: “Why do you say chale, valedor, chido? That’s naco, you should read more”
  • People you are allowed to talk to: Dont talk to him/her, he/she has tattoos, thats bad”.
  • Music you are allowed to hear: “Rock and heavy metal music is satanic and for bad people”
  • Prays: Please help me?
  • Places you are allowed to go
  • Places you are NOT allowed to go
  • More church

blaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaaaa.

3rd reason, simple and short, the pay is better outside, or it may be really good here only if you work for oil and gas, which is not my thing.

So in other words, i find my country pretty cool and awesome in a lot of things, (and im not saying theres only people like that in here, theres A LOT all over the globe), but like i said before, there are better places out there, there are better people out there.