The 9 month coloured swedish meatball adventure

Sweden. The blue and yellow flag. The country full of massive nature, snow in winter, snow in spring, rivers, moose, IKEA, Eurovision, Volvo, incredibly attractive women and meatballs. A country with an impossible yet very funny language (ja-haaa!) with a very fancy taste of fashion. Also, it is here where the research of turbomachinery has one of the highest world levels at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 12th best university of mechanics and aeronautics engineering worldwide and host of the program I came to study which is called “thrust”.

Sounds magical and musical doesn’t it?

Like every capital city, Stockholm has an essence, there is a special scent in the air and it also has it’s own stinky shit. Don’t worry, this is what makes it a great place to live, at least in my opinion.

So how did this start?

The program

THRUST. I can still feel my soul in pain while writing aerodynamics and finite element exams. 12 internationals that came to Sweden in hope of learning the magic of turbomachinery and aeromechanics, meet awesome people, see the auroras and get wasted and get laid. All of them, smart as fucking hell and funny on their own style. I’m a smart guy but when being in the same room as these lads, I just wasn’t the smartest of the group, which is actually fucking awesome. I’ll write a blog about them later; the 31st of May is basically the last day of all of us in Sweden for now, and I’ll just say that it just wouldn’t have been the same without them. And if you feel tough, smart  and brave? Try to learn aerodynamics and FEM in 1.5 weeks and then we’ll talk.

The program itself has been really good, like now I know how to design a turbomachine blade, I know what parameters are essential; I know that aerodynamics rocks and I that FEM is absolutely boring. I  know also that what make this interesting is the people.

The weather

I arrived the last week of August so, Autumn is lovely. Everything is red-oranged coloured, leafs flying, fresh wind and fresh 12C. Winter is pretty and snowy but was bloody though. The ass cold (-40ºC) plus the prolonged 15 hr darkness is just a combo hard to beat. Spring is weird as shit. You see the sun (12C and half naked people wandering), you feel how your body compensates the lost vitamin D of the winter but BOOM snow in April. Twice. And 8-10 degrees. There have been some magical days up to sunny 24 C and I swear I felt I was melting. Summer seems to be awesome, it has a magical effect on the people to smile and forget and forgive the previous cold and dark winter. And the loop starts again.

The swedes

Everybody has an iPhone. Calmed and pacifist. One of the most chilled and relaxed societies I’ve ever lived with. Very polite, very helpful and even comprehensive; however, very objective, sometimes too squared minded and the majority feels very very uncomfortable when they are just a bit out their comfort zone. You smile, they’ll smile back, you say hi, they’ll respond, but that’s it; some type of restricted social skills that makes feel inside a bubble, like being in the subway and see only silent people in their phones messing with nobody. I recently had an interesting conversation with a swede lad which expressed that the fact that swedes/scandinavians kind of get scared when approached, doesn’t mean they don’t want to be approached. Equally, despite to act cold as icebergs, the search of a significant other IS a big deal here. At least more meaningful than myself getting laid twice the same night while partying over Europe. If a scandinavian falls for you, it just might be 100% true. Didn’t happen to me of course. Wouldn’t mind if it happens. #lifegoals

The city

Stockholm is just great. A lovely, fancy city full of architecture, rivers, a royal castle in the middle and host of very good universities. Capital of fashion where dressing black is a state of art and combined with heels a pair of gray or blue or green eyes just makes your day. Big enough to travel 35 min in the subway to get to your destination everyday. People DO KNOW how to drive here. Organized and freaking expensive.

The future

Sadly, after 9 months, my time in Sweden has come to an end, but only to open new doors and opportunities; by this I mean taking flights and go to new places and universities and sex. I remember exactly that 1 year ago I desired with all my heart to come to Sweden, study this program, have fun and kiss every gorgeous Scandinavian girl I’d meet during my time here. The truth is I certainly had fun, studied as I never did before in my life and didn’t kiss every Scandinavian girl I met, and also the time just went light speed and here I am, going away from Sweden.

At the beginning, everything was only about learning new things and travel a lot and fuck a lot; fortunately it turned out to be waaay more than that. I’ve learned about myself, what I’m capable of and what I’m not, what it feels to read something 10 times and don’t be able to get it; what happens with true motivation and also with total chaos in the head; true shocking moments of my life that made me re-evaluate where I was standing and what was I doing there but in the end allowed to step big. A life threshold. But it is also about all the people you meet, either for 10 minutes or 9 months, some will definitely change you and your life and it is basically a duty to cherish those who did. I think and I hope I made friends for life here. It is also of course about traveling, eating new stuff and fuck a lot.

I will miss Sweden for sure, I won’t miss paying the rent. The most attractive girls I’ve ever hung out with and the most difficult academic exam I’ve ever had in my life; 11 internationals that changed entirely my world perspective and a very special and unforgettable moment when looking at the aurora borealis. I certainly will come back one day, at least for the graduation if I’m not eaten by any greek monster, but now, as my adventure must go on, I shall take my flight and keep conquering.

Tusen tack Sverige! 🙂