The garden of delights

Sssssssso…in 3 weeks i’ll be done with this internship-engineering-work-madness. I’ve been here for almost 1 month and a half and well…some of my beliefs have changed, some are reinforced, some are totally dismissed and some others are still being acquired.

About 4 months ago i remember saying “i just want to be out of college and work, studying is boring”. That is such a superfluous concept right now.

Studying consists only in go to class, have good grades and do homework. If you decide not to go to class thats ok, if you decide not to deliver your homework thats ok, even if you decide not to do the final test cuz you had great results on the other tests and you can pass the subject, well, thats ok too. If you get good grades you’ll get congratulations and you will feel happy oh so happy about it. There are some subjects you may dislike but you do all the job anyway, good or bad, its enough.

That’s why some people say stuff like “oh man i would love to go back to college”.

Working on the other hand, consists on either you do the job or you’re an idiot, in most of the cases you’re fired and you get all kind of critics about it. First 2 tasks, you do it great, then the boss says something like “ok, so this is what we will do next…” then 8 tasks, you manage to do it great, and the boss says “why didn’t you think of this instead of that?” now comes the fun, 20 tasks, and you get 19 out 20, that only one task that you didn’t do maybe cuz you didn’t understand, maybe not enough information about it, or even cuz there were not enough people to do the job, so then the boss says “so tell me engineer, are you here to work or to fail?”.

The first thought is anger, frustration, stomachache, headache, desires of spitting the boss and say “fuck you, you little stubborn piece of crap”, but the real reaction is to nod your head.

Working also doesn’t really mean that you will do all the stuff you think you are good for. (Oooooh no) In my particular case i HATE sitting on the computer all the fucking day designing on a software that is so damn old (AutoCad thank you) when all the fun is just outside my office. First thoughts the same i said before, real reaction, same thing. Yeah there are also lot of good days when im in the Heat Treatment Area just 30cm from the 900°C Steel Tube and figuring out how the hell am i suppose to improve the processes. Its fun.

But then (if you want to), you realize you can do a good job here, that all these stuff is a real challenge for the skills you were prepared for, that if you do a bad job well nothing will happen, nothing matters, you were just an intern for 2 months who did something with someone, BUT if you do a good job, then you’ll make contacts, meet important people and references for the next step, you’ll get experience and fucking tons of knowledge, you will feel holly shit such a great satisfaction when the master chiefs say to you something like “So what’s your next step engineer? Would you consider to work with us after school? You are a good element for the team”, and say to yourself “this is what i do and this is what i like, im good at it and i know i can do better”.

From the fun side of view…in the city im living which has a beach, the people is crazy, damn it, CRAAAAZY. I found myself last week at 5am wasted and people were still rocking. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and so on. Also when you are working you get paid, and the first thing you wanna do with it is to spend it, spend the product of your job, to say “i’ll pay” and make it rain without regards. Awesome.

Recently somebody told me that after working so fucking much, well you need a BIG break, which is true, you only understand it being on that situation “working so fucking much”, so today ill get my break and have some fun in the beach.

So this “real life” thing has been pretty cool so far, lot of work, tubes, steel, smiles, anger and alcohol have gone by, i really can’t complain about it, i like it.

This is real life, whether you like it or not.