Finals and geekness

A really annoying (yet advantageous) thing about me, is that i HATE bad grades. In mexico grades are from 1 to 10, being 1 the worst 10 the best. I can’t stand getting an 8. I feel so angry, (unless is a Dynamics test of course where 8 means you are the god of gods). Plus, my generation of mechanical engineering students are pretty competitive so it motivates me to NOT get an 8. (What a nerd uh?)

This is the final week of the semester, at last, the work and effort of the whole period is coming to pause. Why do we all have to become so stressed and angry about it? I analyzed myself today and I’ve been so unnecessary these days. Im in a bad mood al the time, i don’t wanna do shit, i feel I’m losing my mind with so much HW and accumulative tests. I say bad words to the computer all the time. I curse the air conditioner. All i think about is “why in the hell I’m here studying when i could be a surfer in Maui?”. Im having the evil look 24/7. + the fact that my sentiment is NOT helping.

I just finished studying for a final heat transfer test for tomorrow. Still need to do 2 lab reports. Again, why the stress? why the need of being better than the others in such a stupid and momentary thing like a test? A test doesn’t measure how smart you are, it measures either if you understood the stuff or if your copying strategy worked out. Is it my pride? My ego? The stupid idea of thinking that having a higher IQ and studying engineering makes me better? (Duschbag), or am i such a nerd that i do like the fact of getting a 10?

But tomorrow is the last day of my tiny hell.

Anyway,  all i really care right now is going to sleep and that tomorrow at this hour ill be so drunk i won’t remember any of this shit.

Good bye 8th semester.

Welcome last 7 months of college.


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