What is it about holidays that we almost everybody LOVE or HATE?

Is it the amazing feeling of doing nothing than being in front of  beautiful beach? Or maybe the fear of thinking that this week(s) is gonna be crazy i have to work like a madman? (which ive never felt unfortunately for me), or even thinking something like, “shit i have 3 fucking tests next monday, study? or beer?” (hated it).

I think holidays is  very surreal concept for each head of the human beings. For some (and i think there are not many) is the time to rest and forget about everything and everyone, get drunk, smoke, enjoy the place and the moment, enjoy life without thinking about anything else. For others is the time to work really hard, to get real money in order to do something else. Ive been asking some people and some friends of mine what is holidays for them, so i received answers like read a book, catch up in school, learn how to drive, go to the beach, party, rest, a time to spent more time with friends and family, time to do stuff you usually dont do because of school or work, or both. One person told me ” dude, this week ill be taking care of some kids at some camp, its gonna really tired, but the money its worth it”, another said “its a period to get more tired than usually, cuz you do more stuff than you do in the school period”. Personally i have always thought that when im on holidays with my family, my parents get crazier about stuff like cleaning, organization, stablished stuff to do, blah blah blah.

There are also another variables and derivatives like, “this week i’ll see my boy/girlfriend after whatever time” or “this week i just want to be exiled of the world” (may be my case).

So what im doing the next week of holidays is going to the beach for about 6 days, do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, drink many Victorias(my favourite beer),swim in the sea, with luck smoke some green stuff, read a book, lay in the sand at 1:00 am just because i want to feel the sand in my body and look at the sky, look at the stars. Wake up with a smile. Forget about everything. In fact the objective literally is “to stop thinking”. I want to let my engineer built mind rests a little bit. I want to let my ENTIRE mind rests a little bit.

Happy holidays to everyone.

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