Day 1

I must admit i thought writing a blog would be much easier than this, i spent about 1 hour trying to find or invent a cool name for the blog. When i thought i had it, then again i’ve been staring at my standard lap top for about another hour.

Based on my girlfriend’s(well unfortunately separated girlfriend by mother fucker long distance and external situations, ill write about that later) experiences and amazing writing skills, i’ve decided to write a blog on my own.

By writing a blog i understand somethink like “i write about anything i want, if you like it read it, if you don’t, go and F yourself i won’t give a damn”, so as i was reading the wordpress manual and checking some suggested automatic suggested blogs depending on your personal interests, i just realized i needed to to this, not only because my extreme love-bonding with a beautiful New Yorker, but because right now i want to write about my life, i want to write about all the not boring things around my so boring life in order to find something more than just live to breathe.

Yeah, it sounds really dramatic and even pitiful in some way, but who isnt?

Im not an expert on this writing thing, which is why i prefer numbers and calculations, but i think writing depends on the experience and the mood of the person.


Today its been quite a day. Today is the very first day after the brake up-depressive scene in the Terminal 2 on the International Mexico DF Airport. I ate a Jumbo Package of Caramel popcorn at the VIP cinema alone. I feel lonely, maybe the biggest loneliness ever in my life. In the other hand, happy, because im under the same sky than she, i can talk to her and look at some pictures with a huge smile (there will be time for the love blog). I love my parents (mmm well sometimes), i mean, they gave me life, but today also i really realized how weird, stressful and sometimes unnecesary they are (there will be also a blog about mexican parents and my parents). Today i got fucking scared due to some “typical” and annoying entities called the huehues, as one of them shot his .5 Caliber fake rifle to the air and got annoyed because the street was closed and i had to find alternate routes. I have been sitting for 2 hours 23 minutes 48 seconds and counting writing this blog (as i said, this is pretty difficult).

Today im starting a new cycle of my life. Today my heart beat is telling me the show must go on.

Its time to go just on my own, to learn and re open my eyes to this place called world.

Time to live.

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